MOON 11 creates bodywear which incorporates healing crystals. Our inspiration behind this was by wearing the crystals close to your skin, helps us feel the maximum benefit from their energy. This is because they are direct to the skin for a long period of time. Our mission is to empower the wearer through the power of crystal healing. 

Healing crystals help to align the chakras, which leads us to feeling more connected while taking in nature’s healing energy. This will also help to create a more grounded energy, which in turn will bring more peace into your life.

Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years. The first historical references to the use of crystals come from the Ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. Ancient Egyptians also mined for crystals and used them to make jewellery, for their metaphysical properties. They used the stones primarily for protection and health.

All crystals have different benefits, for example; Rose Quartz helps us feel love and compassion, Onyx enhances focus, protection and clear thinking, whilst Aura Quartz brings feelings of pure serenity, joy and inner peace. Read more about our crystals and their healing properties on our product pages.

To feel their full benefits, it is important you charge your crystals. We recommend cleansing and charging as soon as you receive it as it may have picked up energies on its journey to you. After this, you may want to cleanse and charge once every month. You can do this in multiple ways including the following:

Leave your crystal overnight under the moon, you can make this a monthly ritual under the full moon.

Submerge your crystal in spring water for a few minutes. We don't recommend using ocean or salt water due to the crystal being attached to silver hardware. 

Using a herb smudge stick such as sage, you can cleanse and charge your crystal from a smoke cleanse. Place your bundled sage in a small heat proof dish or shell, light the tip of the sage and charge your crystal by holding it above the smoke for about 30 seconds.

Sun light 
Leave your crystal in direct sun light for around 30 minutes. Please note, if you leave for hours, the colour may fade.