Bodywear & Crystal Care


Firstly, make sure you detach your crystals from your bodywear as you will need to clean them separately. Our bodywear is hand wash and air dry only.

For the silver hardware attached to your crystals, gently wipe clean with a warm, damp and soft cloth. We recommend storing your crystals in a clean, dry place and away from any harsh chemicals. 

You can cleanse and charge your crystals in multiple ways including the following: 

Leave your crystals overnight under the moon, you can make this a monthly ritual under the full moon.

Submerge your crystals in spring water for a few minutes. We don't recommend using ocean or salt water due to the crystals being attached to silver hardware. 

Using a herb smudge stick such as sage, you can cleanse and charge your crystals from a smoke cleanse. Place your bundled sage in a small heat proof dish or shell, light the tip of the sage and charge your crystals by holding them above the smoke for about 30 seconds.

Sun light 
Leave your crystals in direct sun light for around 30 minutes. Please note, if you leave for hours, the colours may fade.