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Hi, I'm Sophie!

I am the creator, designer & maker behind MOON 11. I studied Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion where I received a First-class degree in Lingerie & Swimwear design.

MOON 11 was born out of my passion for unique lingerie, swimwear and bodywear. My aim has always been to make the wearer feel empowered, strong & original. All of my pieces are meticulously designed & go through countless rounds of testing to ensure maximum comfort, high quality & a superb fit. Every piece is designed & handcrafted in-house by myself using premium fabrics and trims. Quality is very important to me and designing exclusive, limited-edition pieces that make you feel authentic & confident, whilst prioritising comfort.

Inspired through 80s style prints, colours & high-rise shapes; alongside a costume-inspired twist are my sources of inspiration for the details within my designs.

My mission is to create exclusive & iconic pieces, that leave you feeling empowered, beautiful and unique.

MOON 11 is made from years’ worth of passion & dreams, thank you for all your support and for being on this journey with me x